User Training

NebuLogic follows SMART® Project Management Methodology (PMM) for providing the implementation and support services for all SMART® solutions. NebuLogic believes that all training must take front and center during project implementation to go-live and beyond. This is because our best solutions will not succeed if the users don't understand how to use it. To ensure a fast and smooth transition to the new system, we take responsibility for training your end users and administrators so they can effectively use our solution.

All our SMART® solutions come with clear documentation, which is information-rich and easily understandable. Depending on your requirements, NebuLogic offers a diverse and flexible mix of training services: on-site, web based and/or on-demand to best suit your specific training needs.

User Training Services:

Setting training goals
Our first objective is to reduce any productivity losses associated with the transition. We try to get users up to the speed so they can perform their jobs as quickly as possible

Assessing training needs
We create the training plan after assessing the user training needs. The training plan includes the type of curriculum, list of training materials, training courses, target users and their skill level, method of delivery, timelines, etc.

Making user training program scalable
We offer scalable user training program that is flexible enough to accommodate both small and large numbers of users. This type of plan includes a combination of both on-site and web-based instructor led training.

Key Highlights:

  • We incorporate the best practices in our user training services.
  • All user training program is designed with our users in mind; we speak in their language.
  • Our training staff consists of experienced SMEs, Training Specialists, and Technical Writers.
  • We create various templates using widely available tools and import build the content to generate various training materials.