Discovery and Requirements Workshops

NebuLogic follows SMART® Project Management Methodology (PMM) for providing the implementation and support services for all SMART® solutions. Discovery and Requirements workshops help us identify the specific business needs and intricacies that drive a customer's project goals. The information gathered during discovery phase is crucial because it forms the basis for configuring and customizing (if required) our SMART® solutions to specific business needs of our customers. Discovery and Requirement Workshops by NebuLogic ensure we align the project plan and efforts with the vision and overall objectives of the project.

Discovery and Requirement Workshops Services:

Initial project discovery
Objectives around the project, which include business need, key stakeholders, key systems, project risks, etc.

Front-end / design discovery
This procedure includes gathering User Interface requirements including look and feel and design aspects of the solution.

Functional discovery session
Discovery around new features, existing functionality that needs to be replicated, integrations with various internal and external systems, legacy data migration, etc.

Creation of project specification documents
It includes detailed business and technical requirements specification; features/requirements mapped against project phases

Key Highlights:

  • Decade long experience in delivering the best-in-class enterprise solutions through configuration and integration.
  • The SMART® ICE enables us to configure any core and supplemental functionality in a phased manner.
  • Our SMART® Integration Framework reduces integration complexities arising due to heterogeneous environments, applications, and systems.
  • Years of experience in building integration components to deliver comprehensive and adaptive enterprise solutions that offer extensive integration with several external systems.