SMART® CHSTS (SMART® Children’s Health Screening Tracking System)

Newborn Screening Portal: A Comprehensive, Configurable, and Real-Time Data Management Solution.

Early detection of childhood birth defects including hearing loss in infants enables families, government and the medical community to provide required intervention services in a timely manner. The ability for state agencies and other service providers to identify infants with certain birth defects and provide support services to such children and their families depends on how the data is collected, shared and tracked.

SMART® CHSTS is an innovative, user-friendly and configurable system that enables the states and service providers to respond quickly to newborn’s health screening & tracking needs.

  • Enables all stakeholders to provide, access and review the data using any and/all channels of communication
  • Provides real-time distribution of relevant data to appropriate stakeholders for timely assessments and action
  • Provides continuous tracking of a child’s diagnosis, treatment, and need for referral
  • Provides built-in reporting functionality to visualize 360 degree view of child’s data
  • Incorporates data quality and data security at every level

Programs Covered

  • Newborn HearingNewborn Hearing
  • Newborn Birth DefectsNewborn Birth Defects
  • Newborn BloodspotNewborn Bloodspot
  • Heart DiseaseCritical Congenital Heart Disease


  • State AgenciesState Agencies
  • HospitalHospitals
  • Healthcare ProvidersHealthcare Providers
  • Intervention ProvidersEarly Intervention Providers
  • AudiologistAudiologists
  • MidwivesMidwives
  • Medical RecordsMedical records abstractors