The SMART® CHSTS (SMART® Children’s Health Screening Tracking System) for the State of Maine

Business Need:

The State of Maine - Department of Health and Human Services needed a Children’s Health Screening Database, Case Management and Long-Term Follow-up Surveillance and Tracking System that would help the State to:

  • Identify, match, collect, and report data related to newborn health screening on all occurrent births and those accessing services in Maine from birth through adulthood
  • Respond quickly to children’s health needs and provide continuous monitoring of a child’s diagnosis, treatment, and need for referral

Solution Delivered:

NebuLogic built the SMART® CHSTS (SMART® Children’s Health Screening Tracking System), an innovative, user-friendly and configurable system to meet this need. The key objectives of the solution is to:

  • Enable all stakeholders to provide, access and review the data using any and/all channels of communication,
  • Provide real-time distribution of relevant data to appropriate stakeholders for timely assessments and action,
  • Provide continuous tracking of a child’s diagnosis, treatment, and need for referral,
  • Provide built-in reporting functionality to visualize 360 degree view of child’s data, and
  • Incorporate data quality and data security at every level.

The solution is being implemented in a phased manner.

Solution Highlights:

  • Covers multiple state programs
    • Newborn Hearing
    • Newborn Birth Defects
    • Newborn Bloodspot
    • Critical Congenital Heart Disease
    • Autism
    • Prematurity
  • Screen and track more than 12,000 Maine infants every year
  • Total number of initial users: 100
  • Key users include
    • State Agencies
    • Hospitals
    • Healthcare Providers
    • Early Intervention Providers
    • Audiologists
    • Midwives
    • Medical records abstractors