Travel and Leisure

NebuLogic understands that travel corporations need a robust system that is flexible, scalable, and evolves according to their needs. We offer the most comprehensively integrated suite of scalable, reliable, and secure implemented solutions. Our solutions maintain quality standards, re-engineer processes, and allow you to extend the application to build in governance, control and further automation to handle your business’s niche functions.

Business Benefits:

  • The application receives service requests from multiple channels such as email, chat, and web forms.
  • Senior service agents can add and manage response templates for service request. Our applications have an intuitive and scalable template management system.
  • Implementation of key components, hosting, and support of the CRM application in multiple languages.
  • Inbound email-to-service request integration in the CRM application.
  • Outbound email functionality
  • Inbound fax-to-service request integration in the CRM application.
  • In-flight entertainment auto response and activity creation in the CRM application.