Project Discovery and Requirement Gathering Services

NebuLogic’s Project Planning and Discovery Services identify the business and technological drivers that motivate a project. This phase is important because the information gathered during discovery is used as the basis for a Technical Requirements Specification (TRS) document. Project Discovery and Requirements Gathering Services by NebuLogic ensures a vision and/or mission statement defining the overall objectives of the project.

Our Project Planning and Discovery Services also include collecting extensive application-specific data and documentation, such as:

  • Business Projections (Expected Expenses/ Revenue/ Transactions/ Resources)
  • Service Level Agreements
  • Required Solution Architecture
  • And much more – whatever your organization needs

In the Requirements Gathering phase, we discuss and agree upon the functionality and overall scope of the project. We also determine the features, add-ons, and plugins that will be developed, tested, and deployed.

During this phase, we develop detailed specifications from which the Application components will emerge.

Our Project Planning and Discovery services create a rigorous and detailed description of the entire project, including:

  • Assumptions
  • Business issues
  • Straw man designs depicting processes
  • Containment measures and other metrics
  • Costs
  • Provisioning
  • Timelines

Our objective is to wisely manage your time, resources, and budget.

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