NebuLogic Products


  • Multi layered security level


  • Intuitve look and feel featured rich interface


  • Dynamic transactions and relevant data view


  • High performance


  • Security, modernity, adaptibility and responsiveness applied to all objects


SMART® Products powered by NebuLogic are purely designed around the user and the customer. Our products are highly configurable, one-stop solution for the consumer support center market because it delivers a whole spectrum of support functionalities.

NebuLogic Technologies is a leader in developing and delivering comprehensive enterprise class, on-cloud, on-premise, service and/or sales automation solutions. We work with governments, communities, nonprofit organizations, and commercial entities to make most engaging and experience rich solutions and resolving their most critical user issues.

SMART® Service Cloud

The SMART® Service Cloud is a comprehensive enterprise class service automation CRM ...

SMART® Sales Cloud

The SMART® Sales Cloud is a comprehensive enterprise class sales automation CRM application...

SMART® Marketing Cloud

The SMART® Marketing Cloud is a comprehensive marketing automation CRM application...

SMART® Social Engagement Cloud

The SMART® Social Engagement Cloud is a powerful real-time publishing ...

SMART® Field Services Cloud

The SMART® Field Services Cloud is a powerful field services management application...

SMART® Inventory Management Cloud

The SMART® Inventory Management Cloud is a powerful field services management application...