About the NebuLogic Cloud Application Development Framework (NCADF®)

Cloud Computing Services

Cloud computing has emerged as the premier technology for delivering software applications, storage, hardware, and platform flexibility. It provides quick, efficient, scalable and economical solutions. Although small- and medium-size companies have been the early adopters of this new technology, the rich functionality, scalability, security, and economic factors have propelled large corporations to embrace cloud computing.

Cloud computing has become the lifeline for organizations who seek a simple, yet effective method to deliver solutions to their computing needs. NebuLogic presents cloud computing as a paradigm that enables organizations to operate more efficiently, effectively, and economically.

Our core CRM configurable functionalities, coupled with value-added solution extensions based on NCADF® (NebuLogic Cloud Application Development Framework), redefine the implementation of the CRM solutions and guarantee successful deployment.

There are many providers of cloud computing services that can meet your organization’s requirements. However, your most important criterion when selecting a service provider for cloud computing lies in their understanding your ever-changing business needs - and their ability to transform them into an effective and scalable solution.

NebuLogic helps you see through the clouds! We guarantee our services will be presented in the clearest manner possible. Our implementations and rich support services have helped us to delight clients all over the world.

Our Cloud services include the following:

  • Cloud Customer Advocacy Services
  • Cloud Deployment and NDMS (NebuLogic Data Management Services)
  • Cloud Development and Quality Assurance Services
  • Customized Cloud Architecture
  • Disaster Recovery Cloud Service

Best Advantages of NCADF®

NCADF® is also cost effective. Unlike traditional computing, cloud computing condenses “Hard Costs” like cost of hardware, infrastructure, software licenses, and “Soft Costs” such as IT staffing, troubleshooting, energy costs to run the servers, desktops, and cooling the entire server room. We perform all the work, from running the cloud to storing your data. You no longer need to pay for high-capacity servers for data storage; all your data are stored on our remote servers.

When systems fail, you lose data, time, and most importantly, money. Cloud computing is a game changer; since your data and applications on are our remote servers, your organization can keep working from any computer, anywhere.

NCADF® is your best choice to solve all these problems. It is the premier medium for achieving maximum computing performance for minimum cost.

Hard Costs Soft Costs Can NCADF® truncate these costs?
Cost of hardware Energy costs to run Hardware Yes
IT Infrastructure IT Staffing Yes
Software licenses Troubleshooting Yes
Data storage devices Data maintenance costs Yes

Your business requires your undivided attention. We can handle your organization’s technology. Don’t spend resources and experience unnecessary worry over technology - let NebuLogic create a custom cloud solution for you, as we have for clients worldwide.