NebuLogic partners with world’s leading insurance providers and exchanges. We expertly develop the insurance industry’s best software solutions to meet your organization’s exacting requirements, and we implement your solution using our holistic and secure deployment processes. We believe that our mission-critical computing systems will add significant value to your insurance business.

Business Benefits:

  • Implementation and configuration of core applications to deliver automated service processes
  • Integration of external systems like CTI, IVR, print and fax Servers, chat and IM services, databases, and other third party applications
  • Implementation of fully featured, web-based embedded email clients
  • Bi-directional and real-time integration of web forms and Self Service Portals (SSPs)
  • Extensibility to mobile devices and smart phones
  • Multi-channel implementation to achieve consolidated and consistent customer experience, including CTI, IVR, email, chat, IM, SSPs, and web forms
  • Seamless integration and data exchange between CRM, customer portals, and other external channels