Customer Advocacy

NebuLogic’s prime focus is you, and what is best for you and your organization. With that in mind, we implement a strong Customer Advocacy program.

Our Customer Advocacy strategy starts from day one of the pre-production phase, continues through the Go Live Phase, and into Post-Production Support and Maintenance. Our Customer Advocacy is completely free for our clients, and encompass all aspects of your solution including productsservices, sales, and even complaints (if you have any). To better understand your needs and requirements, we have skilled people trained in cross-functional roles, and empowered to provide you with assistance in all areas of your NebuLogic experience.

You have a single point of contact, a professional who handles your questions or problems. He or she keeps you informed with timely updates on the progress of resolving your issue. He or she also ensures that ensures that the problem does not occur again, and recommends updated—or better— products and services to meet your needs. The primary objective of the Customer Advocate is to ensure absolute customer satisfaction, and to be an effective liaison between you and the NebuLogic Implementations Team in your favor.

NebuLogic’s Customer Advocacy Business Model

Our Customer Advocacy Model ensures that we provide you with effective and successful advocacy. The Customer Advocacy Model’s procedure is outlined in the following checklist:

  • Customer Needs: We start the procedure by understanding your customer profile – your needs and requirements.
  • Trigger Actions: We evaluate conditions that can turn your needs and requirements into executable actions.
  • Proposal Pull: We prepare a proposition for you, keeping all your issues and concerns in mind.
  • Processes Support Proposition: We develop processes to support the propositions, including strong implementation techniques.
  • Future Builder: We project opportunities that can help you achieve a sound and hassle-free future during implementation.