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In an arena where innovation, reputation, and consistency are the keys to survive, we at NebuLogic are motivated by the desire to implement best-of-the-breed solutions, deliver the highest quality of service that surpasses the industry’s best practices, and exceed clients’ expectations


Once again, I feel privileged and honored to share our collective insights on the merits of our approach to Cloud Computing, CRM and other computer applications. CRM, PRM, SRM, BI, SSP, HCM and other SaaS based applications are remarkably captivating topics in several dimensions, binding together innovation, implementation, application and the smart web utilities. These applications function as widely accepted and effective replacement for huge investments on hardware and software solutions, ensuring the uniformity and a disciplined approach to handle urgent yet rising needs of IT costs across the organizations globally.

Our services and value-added solution plug-ins prove to be a substantial step forward in that quest. We understand that ensuring the successful deployment of any solution requires both the application and the relevant Subject Matter expertise. We also recognize that successful deployment of an application is the beginning of the life cycle of that solution and hence supporting and maintaining the application in the post Production phase is as essential to realize greater customer satisfaction and a better ROI.

We have been fortunate to be part of this IT industry providing implementation services and solutions over the past two decades. While selection of a core application suite is the first and foremost step, understanding and transforming the requirements to a viable and scalable solution is equally important phase of any successful solution. To meet this challenge we offer a huge selection of easy-to-use solution extensions and implementation services which include but not limited to: 1) Implementation Services; 2) Support and Maintenance Services; 3) Custom Hosting Services, and; 4) Customer Advocacy Services.

We have implemented over 100 solutions in sales and service automation, marketing and campaigns, data management and data security, network protocols and CTI, and other solutions in all major business verticals, including banking, construction, life sciences, and consumer goods. Our solid and unrivaled implementation expertise enabled us meet our core objective of a 100% deployment success rate.

We at NebuLogic are focused, customer-centric and proactive. We assist you in managing the complexities of your business processes, and unearth the potential within the latest technologies to your best advantage.

It gives me immense pleasure to share NebuLogic's success stories on this platform and truly admire the support we have received from all of our cherished clients. We promise our future clients too, that our initiatives will always produce the results beyond your expectations.

We are in exciting times, growing at the speed of light. We look forward to your support in our future endeavors to celebrate reaching all of our milestones in the coming years.

For a timely, economical and guaranteed successful implementation and support services, please contact us at We are very much looking forward to working with you to ensure your next CRM implementation is a successful one.

With Regards and Best Wishes!

Nivas Nallanthi
Chairman & CEO