Business Requirements and Technical Requirements Documents (BRD and TRD)

At the end of the Project Discovery and Requirements Gathering phase, the Business and Technical Requirements documentation legwork starts. Our technical liaison gauges scope and complexity of your project’s backend development needs.

We create a Business Requirements Document (BRD) details the business solution for your project, including your needs and expectations. The following areas are explicitly discussed in the BRD::

  • Business Problem Statement
  • Current Business Process
  • Scope Statement(s)
  • Key Business Objectives
  • Project Completion Criteria
  • Risks
  • Assumptions
  • Functional Requirements
  • Non-Functional Requirements
  • Features and Functions
  • Delivery Method
  • New/Modified Business Process
  • Training
  • Quality Measures
  • Process and Requirements

NebuLogic ensures that each of these elements is incorporated in to the BRD with sufficient detail and clarity to create a perfect picture of your project.