SMART® DMV Solution

SMART® DMV is a highly configurable, one-stop solution for the Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) market because it delivers all DMV functionality: Vehicle Titling and Registration, Financial & Inventory Management, Customer Management, Driver Licensing and Compliance and Motor Carrier Management - you name it, SMART® DMV provides it.


NebuLogic proudly calls this next-generation DMV solution SMART® DMV because it brings Secure, Modern, Adaptable, and Responsive Transactions to the customers of the DMV. The equation is simple:

Secure + Modern + Adaptive + Responsive + Transactions = SMART®


How SMART® DMV is built ?

The two most important aspects of SMART® DMV are its relevance in the DMV market and its architecture.

SMART® DMV is the end-product of numerous brainstorming sessions among our solution architects, business analysts, and subject matter experts who come with a combined DMV experience of over 100 years. The brains behind SMART® DMV understand the heart and soul of DMV business and have helped in building this solution that truly caters to every aspect of the DMV business scope.

Unlike our competitors who provide a tightly integrated client/server application that spells "difficult to change proprietary software", the SMART® DMV is built using the latest COTS (commercially off the shelf) architecture and the best practices in the industry to accommodate change. Developing another client/server application differentiated from the competition perhaps by few additional features and a better business rule engine was not our goal. We went back to the drawing board to build a comprehensive DMV solution by providing intuitive and modern transactions, faster execution, and painless change absorption. We chose the Service Oriented Architecture driven and business rule-based architecture that separates the front end (User Interface), middle layer (business rule processing), and back end (database/data store).

Business Value Delivered by SMART® DMV

  • Easy to keep pace with technology as SMART® DMV is built on true COTS products
  • Quick adaptability to legislative and policy changes
  • Improved efficiency through built–in service automation processes
  • Improved customer experience
  • Lowers training costs and allows quick adoption by users due to consistent look and feel across the entire solution
  • Efficient and Cost effective maintenance as SMART® DMV requires common IT skills widely available in the market
  • Minimizes risks as SMART® DMV comprises of proven COTS products

If you need to know more about SMART® DMV, feel free to contact us.